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Chuck and I have been remodeling homes and businesses for over 17 years. We have been very blessed through the years to work with some amazing clients and have created some incredible spaces. Our love for “creating” is our driving motivation. In our free time we have always loved to camp. From the time our 3 children were young, camping has been a big part of our lives. When you own your business, there is very little time to take off. Camping just fit us. We could go on short weekend trips and truly disconnect and recharge. This also gave us time with our kiddos. No electronics were allowed. Just family time. Now we have 7 grandchildren who share our love. We take them camping often. One thing that is important to us is a comfortable place to relax. Even though the majority of our time is spent outdoors, you need a comfy place to relax at the end of the day. We could not find a camper that gave us everything we were looking for. They were all so bland, boring and VERY crowded. The layouts, fabrics and functions just all seemed wrong. So, we decided to create something that fit OUR needs.

I, being very social but also very busy, began looking for a group of women to hang out with as well. I found “Sisters on the Fly” (which is a group of women who travel together and revert to acting like little girls when we are together.) Most of these girls have vintage or just really cool campers. I fell in love. A vintage camper really didn’t appeal to me, because I like modern conveniences. However, I loved the cool things the Sisters had done to the campers. They were so unique. Chuck and I began the search for the perfect, yucky camper to redo. We looked for months. When I first walked into my camper, I knew it was the one for me. We bought her and took off. It was so fun, and the sky is the limit to what you can do. Knowing how I wanted to use the camp

er was key to the design. This 2001 ugly blue and mauve Jayco became “oh Deer.” She is perfect for me. I have a comfy bed, a recliner and a jacknife sofa, a bathroom, and kitchen. She is so comfy and I love her!

We began looking for more campers and RVs to remodel and sell, not only for an extra income, but also because we loved doing them. We began slowly and eventually got so busy we decided to go all in. This is now our primary business and we could not be happier! Whether you are a “Sister on the Fly”, a family, or a single adult, we can create a camper that is perfect for you. Some of our campers even get exterior murals. We have you covered!